Katelyn Tarver tempts fate in 'Japanese Cafe'

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Katelyn Tarver tempts fate in ‘Japanese Cafe’

“Will you still love me if my luck runs out?” Katelyn Tarver sings in ‘Japanese Cafe’. There are so many questions in the artist’s latest song that it seems like her career has just begun. And, in a sense, that’s how it is. However, Tarver is already preparing the launch of her second album: ‘Quitter’. Scheduled to be released in February, ‘Japanese Cafe’ is one of the songs that will be part of it.

The American artist, 34, reflects her own fears in her new single. And the funny thing is that she does it in a purely romantic song. Katelyn Tarver wonders if the love that exists between her and her lover will last over time, making her feel responsible for what ultimately happens. The doubt does not dissipate at any time, but the repeated “love me” that the artist demands reveal all the feelings that she keeps inside her.

However, one of the most interesting aspects of the topic is that the receiver is not so obvious. While she could be addressing a couple, one of the double meanings that the artist plays with is that she could be speaking to her followers. This is because of one of the verses of ‘Japanese Cafe’, in which she talks openly about herself as an actress (she has appeared in ABC series in the past) wishing she could have had a normal life. Later she will contradict her fears: “‘Cause the world keeps turning and turning / Like I’m easy to forget.”

“This album is a chronicle of my experience losing my old outlook on life and finding a new one,” Katelyn Tarver said of ‘Quitter’. And the truth is that in ‘Japanese Cafe’ we can already see the first signs of this. Whether or not her luck runs out remains to be seen, but the artist doesn’t seem to be afraid to tempt her.

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