Kamasi Washington ficha a André 3000 y su flauta para “Dream State”

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Kamasi Washington signs André 3000 and his flute for “Dream State”

Kamasi Washington has invited Andre 3000 to contribute his participation as a flute player to his new advance single, “Dream State.”

The avant-garde jazz musician Kamasi Washington, known mainly as a tenor saxophone player, releases a new song, “Dream State”, for which he surprisingly features André 3000 himself, an American rapper, singer, actor and record producer; as well as a member of the group hip hop Outkast – in a new song: “Dream State.” André 3000 brings his flute to the song, after having surprised everyone and everyone with his role as an instrumentalist.

Both musicians have described their new song as a “dive into a fertile state of mind.” “Dream State” is taken from their new album, “Fearless Movement”, out May 3rd via Young/Popstock! Since he published his first album, “The epic” (Brainfeeder, 15), Washington has achieved unprecedented success that has led him to conquer the temples of pop music.

Washington's career is characterized as a stimulus to recover the invaluable legacy that his proposal points to and, above all, to bring from the catacombs other equally or more valuable proposals of 21st century jazz – national and international -.

Talking about the new single, Kamasi Washington said: “'Dream State' is a celebration of life and the opportunity it gives us to explore new possibilities. We created this song while improvising the music we made at the time. It was a great honor to work with one of my heroes, the great Andre 3000. And what an amazing experience we had. Andre 3000, Brandon Coleman, Tony Austin, Mono/Poly and me gliding freely through this world of sound not knowing where we would end up, but joyful in the journey itself.”

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