Kali Uchis and Peso Pluma seek heaven in 'Igual Que Un Ángel'

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Kali Uchis and Peso Pluma seek heaven in ‘Igual Que Un Ángel’

Kali Uchis has just released ‘Orquídeas’, the Album of the Week for JENESAISPOP. The album is her second album in Spanish. In this, the Colombian-American artist has recruited some of the most important Spanish-language artists of the moment, such as Karol G or Rauw Alejandro. However, there is one collaboration that has begun to stand out above the others: ‘Igual Que Un Ángel’ with Peso Pluma.

The Mexican singer has just won one of the most listened to songs of 2023 in the world, ‘She Baila Sola’, which accumulates one billion views on Spotify alone. Therefore, his presence on the Kali Uchis album is neither coincidence nor surprising. What is indeed surprising is the style of the song. After triumphing thanks to regional Mexican music, the artist immerses himself in a pop-R&B unknown to him.

“You should’ve seen the way she looked, just like an angel,” Kali Uchis sings at the beginning of the song, thus revealing the Spanglish that will characterize the next four minutes. Next, references to religion will be constant, being used mainly to endorse the female person someone is in love with: “God’s favorite, God’s favorite, and it shows / Sent from Heaven down to Earth.”

‘Igual Que Un Ángel’ has also had its own video clip, which frames Kali Uchis and Peso Pluma in a nightclub in the 80s. In this setting, the fairly calm tone of the song fits perfectly, where both look like superstars and they are the kings of the track. Perhaps, at the time of recording, they both wondered if they could become one in real life as well. And everything seems to indicate that, indeed, this search for heaven is leading them to it.

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