Jung Kook's "us against the world"

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Jung Kook’s “us against the world”

Jung Kook’s power is such that ‘Standing Next to You’, his latest single, has positioned itself in the first place of the most listened to in Spotify’s global top 50 hours after coming out. Currently, ‘Standing Next to You’ salutes from number 3, overtaken by ‘greedy’ and ‘Si no estars’.

Jung Kook, who continues to triumph with ‘Seven’ (rank 8), has just released his album ‘GOLDEN’, and ‘Standing Next to You’ is one of his standout singles.

Song Of The Day is a production by Andrew Watt (Foo Fighters, Elton John) and Cirkut (Ava Max, Kim Petras) rooted in disco music. The instrumental background of ‘Standing Next to You’ evokes Michael Jackson’s ‘Off the Wall’ period, especially the single ‘Rock with You’, but the production is markedly electronic. The Bee Gees could also have been a reference in the type of melodies and harmonies used in the song.

The tribute to Michael is not imagined, since Jung Kook does the “catwalk” in the video clip for ‘Standing Next to You’. In fact, all the choreography, and even the costumes, seem like a tribute to the King of Pop. In the video, an impressive blockbuster directed by Tanu Muino, Jung Kook imagines a world in which love does not exist, but in which he He can’t help but fall in love.

“They can’t deny our love, they can’t divide us, we will survive the past of time” is one of the messages left in the lyrics of ‘Standing Next to You’. Jung Kook’s “us against the world” grows with an explosion of trumpets at the end.

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