Jorge González charges against the jury of the Benidorm Fest 2024

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Jorge González charges against the jury of the Benidorm Fest 2024

It seems that there is no Benidorm Fest without controversy. The new edition of the contest that chooses the representative of Spain in Eurovision has left many reactions since its celebration last week. To the strange criticism that is raining down on Nebulossa for her song ‘ZORRA’, we now add the surprising anger of Jorge González with the jury.

In an interview given to, the ‘Caliente’ singer wanted to express his anger and annoyance with the jury and some followers of the Benidorm Fest. To put the situation in context, Jorge González came in first position both in the demoscopic vote and in the televoting of his semifinal, but the sixth place of the jury severely penalized him. The same thing happened in the final, where he achieved first position in the demoscopic vote and second in the televote, but fifth place from the jury made him finish in fourth place.

«I did not feel fully valued because we must take into account that, with the sum of the demoscopic vote and the televoting, we obtained almost 90% of the total. A score that didn’t matter because the jury left me out of combat,” Jorge González confessed. Furthermore, he points directly to Beatriz Luengo, the spokesperson for the jury, who “said that the whole was going to be evaluated and that was not the case.” “Together with my team we planned a show, a show that could work both here and anywhere in Europe,” she says.

The artist, despite stating that he is happy, also acknowledges that he feels sorry because he was “very excited to live this experience”, as well as “angry because somehow, even with a lot of support from the public, the jury did not let us continue.” playing in the final. Even so, he says he is happy “for Nebulossa and her ‘ZORRA’ because they are great,” calling the song “hit and super necessary.”

Likewise, Jorge González reveals that he has had to file “the occasional complaint due to the serious attacks of hate and racism” that he has received. «I am very surprised, for example, that they have called me ‘faggot gypsy’ in a derogatory tone and that many times those words have been written by people from the same group. “It cannot be understood that at this point a sexual condition is used as an attack,” comments the Benidorm Fest participant, a contest that “has given him a lot,” but from which he leaves with “that thorn in his side.”

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