Jon Hopkins encara su nuevo trabajo con “Ritual (evocation)”

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Jon Hopkins faces his new work with “Ritual (evocation)”

The English electronic musician Jon Hopkins has released “Ritual (evocation)”, the first preview of “Ritual”which will be the next album.

This first single is defined by its deep drums and a long accumulation of light in the melody. Designed to offer listeners a window into the full experience of what will be “Ritual”focuses on an intense ascension, leading us through a storm of dissonance to a crackling of arpeggios and, finally, to the emergence of a clear, elevated voice.

The video for “Ritual (evocation)”, made by Dave Bullivant In collaboration with Hopkinsstars string artist Bryony Louise Fowlerwhich reflects the emotions of the subject through its show.

The premiere has served the British to announce “Ritual”, their new album. The album is a forty-one minute epic built from cavernous subs, hypnotic drums and constant melodic interplay. Tense, enveloping and ultimately triumphant, it is the culmination of the themes explored throughout her more than twenty-year career, and acts as a counterpart to “Music For Psychedelic Therapy”2021.

“Ritual” It is a piece in itself that develops over eight chapters and is characterized by depth and contrast. Taking inspiration from ceremony, spiritual liberation and the hero's journey, it is nourished by an ancient and primal energy and will go on sale August 30th through Domino.

Speaking of his work, Hopkins explains: “I have no idea what I'm doing when I compose. I don't know where it comes from or where it goes, nor does it seem to matter. I only know when it's over. So all I can do is feel until the end, and then try retrospectively analyze what may be happening, and try to figure out what its purpose is. What is clear is that it has the structure of a ritual. I know what that ritual is for me, but for you it will be something different. prescriptive about what this ritual is. It doesn't feel to me like 'an album,' but more like a process to go through, something that works on you.”

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