Jennifer Lopez is still in love in the adorable 'Can't Get Enough'

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Jennifer Lopez is still in love in the adorable ‘Can’t Get Enough’

Oblivious to the times of the music industry, Jennifer Lopez publishes the first single from her new album… more than a year after announcing said album, in November 2022, and even after revealing its track list. It was not until last November (2023) that Lopez announced the arrival of her first single, ‘Ca n’t Get Enough’, making us wait another month to hear it.

‘Can’t Get Enough’ opts for a classic pop and disco sound, pastel in color, decorated with friendly and cheerful trumpets, and minimalist instrumentation despite the fact that its credits include up to eight people, nine including Jennifer herself Lopez. It’s the Song of the Day today, Thursday.

Jennifer Lopez already flirted with disco music and the Motown, Stax and Soul Train sound on ‘Brave’, her 2007 album. ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is not as exuberant as the underrated ‘Hold It Don’t Drop It’ , but it manages to be elegant from the containment of those trumpets that never explode and that chorus “I can’t get enough of you” that admits the classification of adorable.

‘Can’t Get Enough’ is the first preview of a new studio album by Jennifer Lopez that will be released on February 16, 2024 under the title ‘This is Me… Now’. The sequel to ‘This is Me… Then’ (2002) comes out at a time when Lopez is once again romantically involved with Ben Affleck. Lopez and Affleck have been married since summer 2022.

J Lo will accompany the release of his ninth studio album with the premiere of the film ‘This Is Me… Now: A Love Story’, which premieres on Prime Video also on February 16.

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