Jazzy has a little bit of "jazzy" and a lot of dance in 'Shooting Star'

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Jazzy has a little bit of “jazzy” and a lot of dance in ‘Shooting Star’

Jazzy is one of the revelations of Anglo-Saxon pop of 2024. Irish by birth, Yasmine Byrne has placed four singles in the top 100 in the United Kingdom. Two of them have reached the top 5, these are, ‘Make Me Feel Good’ with Belters Only, at number 4, and ‘Giving Me’, alone, at number 3.

Originally from Dublin, Jazzy became known in 2020 as a member of the Powerful Creative Minds collective. Above all, Jazzy has been building her own repertoire, focused on dance, until she was able to compile all of her songs into an EP, ‘Constellations’, which is out today.

Jazzy seems like one of Universal’s star signings for this year, and ‘Shooting Star’ is their new bet for the charts. It’s the Song of the Day for today, Friday.

On the one hand, Jazzy’s voice is the perfect color for neo-soul. No one is surprised that he cites Erykah Badu among his great influences. On the other hand, ‘Shooting Star’ goes straight to the dance floor delivering a balanced mix of dance-pop, piano-house and EDM. Belters Only and Mark Ralph produce ‘Shooting Star’ with two hands, giving it a solid and shiny finish.

‘Giving Me’ and ‘Make Me Feel Good’, Jazzy’s two biggest hits, together have more than 200 million streams on Spotify. Will ‘Shooting Star’ be the next to catapult himself as a “star” in the firmament of British pop?

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