Iván Ferreiro harshly criticizes Operation Triunfo

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Iván Ferreiro harshly criticizes Operation Triunfo

Iván Ferreiro, lately author of the recommended album ‘Trinchera pop’, has harshly attacked Operación Triunfo during an interview.

Speaking with Último Acorde, Ferreiro criticizes the format for being “a carnage that plays with kids’ dreams” and predicts that the majority of contestants “are going to have a pretty miserable life because of what they are promised” after leaving The academy. Ferreiro assures that he would launch more criticism against Operación Triunfo publicly “if it only affected the fool Tinet Rubira or one of those who run the programs” who “are not interested in music at all”, but who, out of respect for the contestants, He prefers to cut himself.

In any case, Ferreiro also shares harsh words for the Academy’s professors, whom he considers “all a bunch of morons” who “do their job” because “someone gives them the job, and you have to work at whatever it takes.”

Ferreiro remembers the 2017 edition of Operación Triunfo positively, highlighting Amaia’s talent, but assures that it seems to him that the format is increasingly “further removed from reality” and especially criticizes the concept of a musical competition: “For me there is nothing Further removed from competition than music, music should be the least competitive thing there is,” he says. «That’s why I’m not interested in the Grammys either, or shit like that. Neither the Oscars, nor the Goya. It seems like a real garbage to me, a dunghill. Awarding movies or songs seems really horrible to me.”

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