It's time for Bon Calso

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It’s time for Bon Calso

Bon Calso is one of those artists who could make the leap to the mainstream sooner rather than later. In recent years, Jorge González (yes, he shares a name with the singer of ‘Caliente’) has published a considerable volume of music that has gained him followers slowly but surely. Four self-released albums and thirty singles released between 2018 and the present have built a small but devoted fanbase that has been won over by his sensitive approach to different styles of urban music. That such well-known artists in the field of urban national as Albany, Sticky M..A., Aron Piper or Fabianno, member of Agorazein, have collaborated with him is just one of his achievements.

The greatest of Bon Calso’s achievements may be that the artist has been able to build an attractive sound drawing on different flavors of what we actually lazily call “urban music.” The Jamaican sound has not resisted him, as we already told you a few years ago, and especially the trap with autotune attached has given him some of his biggest hits, such as ‘I don’t care’, which exceeds a million and a half streamings.

On his latest album, ‘OUTTA CONTROL’, Bon Calso sounded especially inspired, sticking to a distorted sound that suits him well. The aggressive house of ‘99699’, the drill of ‘AHA!, the Weeknd-esque nostalgia of ‘LOVE BY GANGS7ER’ or the auto-tuned hip-hop of ‘DRuuuUnk’ are among his most lucid moments. International names like 21 Savage, Travis Scott or Playboi Carti come to mind listening to Bon Calso’s four long projects, and also well-produced singles like ‘BOSSIN’ that have nothing to envy of his influences.

But Bon Calso is already turning the page. The artist ended 2023 publishing the single, ‘six nine’ and, under the protection of the digital distributor OneRPM, he has started 2024 adding new singles to his repertoire. In all of them, Bon Calso sounds in his own style. ‘4ever’ arrived as early as January 4, in love with Drake’s chill sound. Later, on ‘Rolling Stone’, González added an acoustic guitar to his sensitive mix of trap and autotune. And, a few days ago, Bon Calso delivered ‘Everyone sees it’, betting on a melancholic reggaeton that “gets more and more engaging.” Bon Calso’s moment is approaching.

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