Courtney Love critica a Taylor Swift y Lana del Rey

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Courtney Love criticizes Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey

The American Courtney Love has criticized several female artists during an interview for the media The Standardbetween them Taylor Swift.

The artist Courtney Love, who is also the musician's ex-wife Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and member of holehas attacked several female singers in the music industry for The Standard magazine, more specifically he has criticized Taylor Swift, Madonna, King's wool and Beyonce.

And Courtney Love has given an interview to promote a radio series called “Courtney Love's Women” and the headline quote reads: “Taylor Swift is not important and she is not an interesting artist.” Furthermore, the singer-songwriter pointed out that Swift was surely a safe space for many girls, probably the Madonna of the moment, but that she had nothing special. Likewise, her controversial opinions were also directed at composer Lana del Rey, whom Courtney advised to take a few years off. Courntey explained that she stopped liking Lana Del Rey when she covered John Denver's “The Grants,” but that she had previously been an influence on her new album.

On the other hand, Love has also charged against Madonna, saying that although she is an excellent businesswoman, she is a weak artist and as a musician she is not relevant. Finally, the American commented that at first she liked the idea of ​​Beyoncé doing country because it meant that a black woman would integrate into spheres that only white women had been able to explore, however the music she released did not meet her expectations. Before the interview came out, Courtney has received several criticisms, receiving hundreds of messages and comments on her social networks that do not forgive her comments.

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