Israel will participate in Eurovision with the young Eden Golan

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Israel will participate in Eurovision with the young Eden Golan

Israel’s participation in Eurovision is a reality despite international rejection for its devastating military response in Gaza, which has left nearly 30,000 Palestinians dead, and which international organizations such as the Hague Court and the UN identify as a possible genocide. Singer Eden Golan, 20, will represent Israel at the Song Festival next May in Sweden, after winning the HaKokhav HaBa (The Next Star) contest this Tuesday.

Golan took victory after singing a version of ‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston. During his performance, Golan wore a yellow pin in tribute to the Israeli hostages who continue to be held by Hamas. Golan appeared to refer to the conflict during her acceptance speech, stating that “this year, more than ever, I am excited to represent my country on the biggest stage in Europe.”

Godan’s choice is considered especially provocative by Israel because the singer, a Tel Aviv resident, lived in Russia for thirteen years.

At the moment, the song that Godan will bring to Sweden has not been released. It will be released “in the coming weeks”, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has confirmed. Israeli public television (KAN) has announced that part of the lyrics of the song will be written in Hebrew “in light of the complicated period” that the country is currently experiencing.

The news of Israel’s participation in Eurovision has been announced just hours after a group of progressive MEPs asked the EBU to exclude Israel from the contest, arguing that its participation “whitewashes a regime that is carrying out ethnic cleansing.” in Palestine. The EBU has maintained its position in favor of Israel’s presence in Eurovision, arguing that “artists and networks, not governments, compete in the contest.”

Recently, more than 1,000 Swedish artists – including Robyn and Fever Ray – have signed a letter calling for a boycott of Israel at Eurovision, stressing that although Eurovision calls itself an apolitical event, it did exclude Russia from the contest in 2022 following its invasion of Ukraine. .

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