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Isotek V5 Aquarius

Isotek V5 Aquarius

IsoTek, world leader in optimization devices of the power signal in audio and video components, has just launched the new V5 Aquarius, a sophisticated signal conditioning device coming from the electrical network that includes six independent cleaning circuits is a single chassis.

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Specifically, there are two outputs for components that handle high currents and four for preamplifiers and all types of sources, all of them equipped with technologies aimed at drastically reduce pollution crossover between sockets due to noise in Differential Mode from the electrical network. The predecessor of the V5 Aquarius, the EVO 3, gained more international awards than any other product signed by IsoTek, the new version benefiting from a total redesign from scratch, although at the same time preserving the key elements of the EVO 3.

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Thus, the V5 Aquarius incorporates two types of thermomagnetic fuses: 16 amps for high current sockets and 6 amps for the rest. Developed by IsoTek, both fuses have a contact area 1,000 times larger than that of a standard fuse, allowing them to provide substantial improvements in terms of protection. Also the circuit topology has been greatly improved, increasing by 35% the amount of copper used in printed circuit boards to improve the current handling capacity and reduce resistance. The new circuitry also has twice as much inductance, allowing it to handle 40% more current.

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Likewise, throughout the design of the V5 Aquarius, the Continuous Resistance (DCR), the result being performance closer to the ideal of zero ohms. For his part, the sequential protection circuit IsoTek’s new network conditioner is capable of supporting peak currents of 81,000 amperes and continuous currents of 40,000 amperes, making it the most robust product of its class and price currently offered by the renowned British firm. The V5 Aquarius is completed with the “System Link” functionalitywhich allows multiple IsoTek devices to be connected together in order to further improve performance by having a single wall outlet as a reference for all of them.

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