IsoTek EVO3 Venus, new power strip with protection and filtering.

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IsoTek EVO3 Venus, new power strip with protection and filtering.

A versatile power strip that benefits from the most advanced protection and filtering technology

Recognized leader in the treatment of the signal coming from the electrical network and in the demonstration of the benefits that this treatment entails in terms of sound and image reproduction, the dynamic British firm IsoTek has just launched a new power strip on the market that benefits from some of its most outstanding technological achievements. This is the EVO3 Venus, which, as a consequence of its membership in the Evolution 3 series, has been designed to integrate perfectly into the most demanding “lifestyle” audiovisual equipment of the moment. A particularity that is reflected in beautifully proportioned and compact dimensions that allow the new IsoTek power strip to be placed under shelves or even fixed directly to the wall behind the equipment component enclosures.

From a technical point of view, the EVO3 Venus is a very advanced product that benefits from the recognized advantages of IsoTek’s exclusive Polaris circuit, which, in this case, has been recalibrated to offer a highly effective lifestyle solution. The result is a power strip that, for a very competitive price, significantly “cleans” the alternating signal coming from the electrical network (5 devices in total; maximum power of 2,300 W), while providing high-level protection against current spikes (up to 13,500 amps) and shocks.
Going deeper into the technology of the EVO3 Venus, it is important to highlight that its main line of action is aimed at suppressing noise from the electrical network through sophisticated filtering techniques, such as the exclusive Delta topology. And, furthermore, both the common mode and the differential mode, in order to carry out a really perceptible reduction of the parasites present in it, with a 30 dB reduction in the case of annoying radio frequency interference. On the other hand, and in line with the logic of the philosophy behind each IsoTek product, the use of completely independent power outlets prevents cross contamination between them and, therefore, the alternating signal that feeds a network music player is completely isolated from that feeding a phono preamplifier, which handles much more delicate signals. All of this is completed with a high-level construction that highlights the use of internal wiring with oxygen ion-free copper conductors, silver-plated and PTFE dielectric.

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