Ireland's Bambie Thug explodes and declares 'fuck the EBU'

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Ireland's Bambie Thug explodes and declares 'fuck the EBU'

The 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has ended, but the controversy continues. In an interview that took place after the final of the contest, Bambie Thug dedicated a few words to the EBU: “Fuck it.”

This installment of Eurovision has been marked by the controversial participation of Israel, which has divided contestants and viewers. The trophy finally went to Nemo, representing Switzerland with 'The Code', while Nebulossa and her 'ZORRA' came in 22nd place. Bambie Thug, delegate from Ireland, took sixth place, ending her performance with a plea for peace: “Love will triumph over hate!”

From the beginning, Bambie adopted a completely pro-Palestinian stance, in contrast to Eurovision's policy of neutrality. Now that everything is over, he has been able to criticize the EBU directly, starting by revealing that the situation in Israel behind the scenes has been “very horrible and difficult” for the contestants. In addition, she took the opportunity to congratulate Nemo on his victory: “I am very proud of us.”

«I simply want to say that we are Eurovision. THE EBU is not Eurovision,” declared Thug. Free from ties after the end of the competition, he did not hold back: “Fuck the EBU. And I do not care. “Fuck them,” he declared to the camera through tears. “What gives meaning to all of this are the contestants, the community, the love, the power and the support between all of us,” he continued, before concluding with a rallying cry: “Non-binaries for the fucking victory.” .

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