Iñigo Quintero: "what remains" after 'If you are not'

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Iñigo Quintero: “what remains” after ‘If you are not’

Iñigo Quintero continues his career after the viral ‘If You Are Not’. The song, released by Acqustic, has more than 300 million views on Spotify, has been number 1 globally on this platform and, on official charts, has reached number 1 for singles in Spain, Germany and France, among other countries.

While ‘If you are not’ continues to hover around the 10 most successful songs in the world, Quintero publishes a new single, the first after the viral one. Precisely, ‘What remains of me’ reflects on this unexpected success.

Accompanied, of course, by his piano, Quintero sings that “all this has changed me”, that “everything is going very fast” and that “I can’t find the time to stop.” His hoarse voice still makes him sound like the Spanish James Arthur, but, this time, ‘What’s left of me’ dares to incorporate a change of rhythm in its second half that refers to the folk-pop of Lumineers or Mumford & Sons .

‘What’s left of me’ leaves good news and bad news. The good thing is that Iñigo Quintero delivers, in it, a melody that is somewhat more inspired than that of his previous singles. The bad news is that the production is overloaded in the final stretch, adding unnecessary tricks and effects.

‘What remains of me’ arrives just the day before Iñigo Quintero’s birthday, this December 2nd. Meanwhile, the Galician singer continues without granting interviews to any media.

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