Iker Jiménez makes fun of Nemo;  Angy and Megara defend him

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Iker Jiménez makes fun of Nemo; Angy and Megara defend him

Nemo, the person who won Eurovision with the song 'The Code', representing Switzerland, identifies as non-binary. That's precisely what 'The Code' talks about, about breaking the “code”, the gender barrier. Appropriately, musically, 'The Code' is a mix of styles.

Non-binary gender is now officially recognized in up to 14 countries, but it continues to make particular people uncomfortable. It seems to be the case of Iker Jiménez. The presenter of 'Fourth Millennium' has commented on his impressions of Eurovision and his words about Nemo are being especially questioned.

«Nemo, the Swiss East is very exciting. He hits the fiber with his carat art. I'm going to cry and everything. “Zero bigger than the Cathedral of Burgos,” Jiménez initially wrote in He doesn't miss us at all.

Jiménez's veiled mockery of Nemo for his identity, evident in his ironic use of quotation marks, has not gone unnoticed. Among the people who have shown their discontent with Jiménez are participants in this edition of Eurovision or Benidorm Fest. Angy Fernández has been diplomatic, responding to the presenter: «I admired you before… before. I know you don't care, but I wanted to tell you. I stop following you. I hope you have a little more respect. A hug”. Given the barrage of criticism received by Angy, the singer has clarified that she “has not gotten involved” with Jiménez. «I have spoken to him with respect and I only felt the need to tell him what I think. Freedom of expression on both sides, but I don't ridicule anyone. His faithful followers, all men, are insulting me.

Rakky Ripper has expressed similar words to Angy's: «Since I was little, watching your program and being a level fan, I bought your books and went to your exhibitions, because you opened yourself to the unknown and to any mystery… Now I haven't seen you for years because of mystery. “There is nothing left, only intolerance and squared thoughts and it makes me very sad.”

Megara, who was on the verge of representing San Marino in the Eurovision final, by not passing the second semi-final, has not held her tongue with Jiménez: «Hello, Iker! You should investigate the biggest mystery there is right now, that is, being able to breathe and write without pooping yourself. Look, I've been watching your show for years, but never again.

Another person who has responded to Jiménez's words has been Jordi Cruz. Briefly, he answered: “The course of your ship no longer has much mystery.”

Jiménez has responded to the criticism by uploading a video in which he defends his right to say whatever he wants about Eurovision based on his right to freedom of expression. «I am not going to keep quiet about saying what I think, precisely because there is a lot of cowardice. The winning song seemed like a monstrosity to me, a mess, but for the song itself. If being a fascist or a fascist is going against so many anti-values, I think it's very good that you call me that, I'm not going to keep quiet. Many people who think otherwise but remain silent for fear of reprisals, of being canceled. When people are silent it is a problem. The cowardice of those who remain silent is as dangerous as the actions of some who are very intolerant.

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