'If You Are Not' by Iñigo Quintero, number 1 in Spain

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‘If You Are Not’ by Iñigo Quintero, number 1 in Spain

It was a matter of time before Iñigo Quintero got his first number 1. Completely unexpectedly, his song ‘Si No estars’ has become a hit in our country overnight. Whether on TikTok or Instagram, at this point it is inevitable that you have not yet come across the topic.

But, far from remaining just another national success, ‘Si NoEres’ is already taking its first steps in search of conquering the world’s top. With almost four million daily plays, on Spotify it has just reached eighth position globally, exactly the same position it would be in on Apple Music if we didn’t count the tracks on Drake’s new album.

On the other hand, the song has allowed Iñigo Quintero to accumulate up to six numbers 1 on Spotify: ‘Si No Así’ is or has been at the top of Spain, Peru, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. In our neighboring country, France, it is in third place. For now, the impact is noticeable in the singer’s monthly listeners on the platform, who are already close to 8 million.

On the other hand, the strongest entry of the week goes to Feid with ‘Luces de tecno’, one of the most electronic songs from his album ‘MOR, No Le Temas A La Oscuridad’. Thanks to her, he manages to get into the top 10, achieving eighth position. However, it is not the only song from the album that has entered the list.

Feid is present with thirteen tracks of the sixteen on his new album: ‘Ferxxo 151’ with Icon at number 21, ‘Bubalu’ with Rema at number 28, ‘Gangsters and pistols’ at number 45, ‘Monday Romantics’ at number 55 , ‘Ritmo de medallo’ with Ryan Castro in ’61, ‘Privileges’ with Cupido in ’63, ‘Ferxxo Edition’ in ’67, ‘The only theme of ferxxo’ with Young Cister and Pailita in ’70, ‘Ey chory’ in 74, ‘Cruising speed’ in 95, ‘Nx tx estares solx’ in 99 and ‘Come with me’ in 100.

Another of the most notable entries of the week is the one made by Ana Mena with her new single, ‘Madrid City’. It achieved position 15 and, in terms of streaming, it has achieved better numbers in its first week than previous publications by the artist.

Darell and his ‘Lollipop’ also smell like a hit. The song, characterized by Latin urban sounds, has entered position 19 and is already within the top 10 of Spotify Spain. If its good stability continues, next week it could climb several positions.

Bizarrap’s new Session sneaks into the list, but does not yet reach the top 50. In position 53, Bizarrap and Milo J place their ‘Volume 57’. Again, another topic that will almost certainly go up next week due to its good streaming data in our country.

Kiko Rivera with ‘El Mambo’ and Mawell with ‘La Triple M’, in positions 56 and 89 respectively, close the list of entries. Although Mawell’s song has passed in a more discreet way, Kiko Rivera’s new song promises to hit the clubs with its current good numbers on music platforms.

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