Ice Spice is a fan of music critics

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Ice Spice is a fan of music critics

Ice Spice has expressed his appreciation for the work of music critics and has said that he prefers to read professional and elaborate music reviews instead of paying attention to the negative comments that “haters” leave online.

In an interview with Complex, Ice Spice explained why he positively values ​​the work of music criticism: «Music critics really study music and take it seriously. I prefer to hear his opinion, because at least they take the trouble to write paragraphs explaining his position, and you can understand the person, not like the “hater” who leaves a comment on a private page. At least, behind music reviews, there is a name and a face.

Ice Spice’s words stand out from the general trend of artists who have spoken negatively about music critics. Among them are Lizzo, who declared that “people who write reviews but don’t know how to play music should be unemployed,” or Ariana Grande, who suggested that music critics are frustrated people who need to find their true passion.

This same year, Ed Sheeran has stated that in the age of streaming, in his opinion, “it makes no sense” to read album reviews. «Why do you need a critique? Listen to the album, it’s within your reach! Form your own opinion », he said. “I would never read a review and say ‘I’m not going to listen to that anymore.'”

If everyone thought like Ed Sheeran, by the way, one of the mainstream artists who receives the worst reviews, music criticism would probably cease to exist. Fortunately, this is not the case.

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