'I don't understand anything' by Russian Red is no "melon"

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‘I don’t understand anything’ by Russian Red is no “melon”

Russian Red continues to present the songs that will make up their next album. A work that actually exists, which we already knew, since Lourdes Hernández herself has spoken about it, but whose arrival is now confirmed by her label, Sonido Muchacho: «These songs that she has been releasing, in addition to other new ones, will be compiled in a future album that promises great emotions.

More than five years after ‘Karaoke’ (2017), and 10 years after ‘Agent Cooper’ (2014), the return of Russian Red is already here. The first appetizer of Lourdes Hernández’s next feature was titled ‘This is a volcano’. And today is the time to listen to ‘I don’t understand anything’.

Presented with a cover that puts Lourdes Hernández’s sitting butt in the foreground, ‘I don’t understand anything’ is a compendium of different influences. There are surf guitars, others that are more Italian and Mediterranean, echoes of 60’s pop and, later, some psychedelic drums are added, but without the classic pop flavor of ‘I don’t understand anything’ going anywhere.

Russian Red’s voice, which we have missed so much, now lends itself to lyrics written entirely in Spanish, and to the production of Carlos René Echanique and Luichi Boy, a member of Cupido. Facing the cold winter, Lourdes Hernández finds herself alone, without the company of her love. She doesn’t understand what has happened: “if I’m so pretty, you’re a melon,” she sings.

Russian Red consoles herself by writing naked, sniffing that boy’s gayumbos or drinking the liquid from a can of sardines, in the video clip for ‘I don’t understand anything’ directed by Joana Colomar, as pop as it sounds. The clip exhibits a self-parody component, when, for example, Lourdes appears spread out on the bed, with one shoe on and the other not, but, yes, with the Martini glass well perched on her hip, completely upright. It’s like her Instagram account, made into a video.

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