HUGO 2 is here, don't miss it.

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HUGO 2 is here, don’t miss it.

In 2014 we introduced the Hugo, a revolutionary portable DAC and headphone amplifier that became a milestone in the audio landscape. Advances in digital technology, such as the latest FPGA and WTA filters, have allowed us to introduce a new generation, the Hugo 2, with new, more flexible functions and top-of-the-line sound and technical performance.

Hugo 2 can be used both at home and on the go, with headphones or as another element of a conventional audio system. Its line-level output and comprehensive remote control add true flexibility to hi-fi systems large and small.

The device offers four digital inputs (optical, coaxial and HD USB), as well as extended range Bluetooth, with high resolution file playback up to 768kHZ and up to DSD512 (Octa DSD), through its HD USB input. Analogue outputs include 2x RCA and a 3.5mm and a 6.3mm headphone output.

A four-function switching filter offers a useful degree of listener-selectable frequency adjustment for warm, soft or transparent, punchy presentations, giving you additional control and flexibility. For headphone listening, Hugo 2 maintains the famous digital crossfeed function of the original model and offers three operating modes. The system duplicates the effect of listening to speakers and is based on advanced binaural sound research.

Hugo 2 offers four illuminated, color-coded ball buttons that control the device’s power, input selection, filtering, and cross-feed functions.

The playback battery life is about seven hours and we have programmed two automatic charging modes through the Micro USB charging port; An indicator shows the charging status and charging process of the battery.

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