How to improve the treatment and diagnosis of childhood hearing loss

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How to improve the treatment and diagnosis of childhood hearing loss

The unilateral hearing loss It affects one in every thousand newborns, increasing its prevalence with age due to registered cases of delayed appearance or acquired. Furthermore, 10 percent of these boys and girls end up developing a bilateral hearing loss. Given this incident, the Spanish Confederation of Families of Deaf People (FIAPAS) has edited a user information with recommendations for improve diagnosis and early treatment of the single-sided deafness either asymmetric in childhood, that is, childhood hearing loss.

This manual, prepared in collaboration with the Commission for the Early Detection of Childhood Deafness (CODEPEH)aims to be a practical tool aimed at guiding the professionals involved in the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of the childhood hearing loss. In this way, the material will be sent to more than 1,900 centers and specialists in the health field. And it’s also now available on-line for your free download.

The brochure offers tips about which one should be correct approach to unilateral hearing loss, which affects only one of the two ears, and asymmetric, which affects both. This manual offers indications on what the appropriate treatment should be in each case, with recommendations on whether they should also be used. earphones or other type of implants.

FIAPAS insists that there is “wrong idea” that these hearing problems do not cause a significant problem in children’s development and learning. However, this entity warns that these hearing losses, if not treated, “cause consequences on the development of speech and language, as well as on the overall development of the child”. These effects show, according to FIAPAS, the need to carry out an adequate diagnosis and treatment through early speech therapy care, prosthetic adaptation and technological hearing aids.

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