“How good it is” the new thing from Jamie xx

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“How good it is” the new thing from Jamie xx

The two albums published by Jamie xx were so good, both the one he signed with Gil Scott-Heron, ‘We’re New Here’, from 2011, and the one he later released alone, ‘In Colour’, from 2015, that The British producer seems to have finished his discography. Of course there has been a third album by The xx, ‘I See You’ (2018), but ‘In Color’ will be 10 years old next year, and Jamie Smith seems to have no intention of continuing it.

Jamie xx has entertained himself, in recent years, producing music for other artists, including his two bandmates, Romy and Oliver, or DJing at all the festivals that come to mind. His new music has arrived in dribs and drabs, but always providing something interesting, like the sample of a lost hit from the 70s in ‘Let’s Do it Again’.

Jamie xx’s new single has arrived by surprise again, in this second week full of great releases of 2024. ‘It’s So Good’ is only Jamie xx’s fourth own single in almost a decade and arrives associated with an advertising campaign, but it has turned out to be a blast, another master class in good electronics. It’s today’s Song Of The Day.

‘It’s So Good’ once again showcases Jamie xx’s interest in Brazilian funk rhythms adapted to his own (very British) vision of techno. The music is bouncy and opulent on the one hand, as if Jamie had sneaked a carnival band into the club, and futuristic on the other. There is techno, there is garage, there is carnival, but there is also a clinical precision in the percussions and effects that make him sound like that mad scientist at the controls of the disco. Above all – and most importantly – it is incredibly funny.

And another who has “sneaked” into ‘It’s So Good’ seems to be the TikToker PinkyDoll, the “ice cream girl” who went viral months ago imitating video game characters that cannot be played (or “non-playable characters”). ) on this social network. It is said that, it is said, that it is sampled. Same for Jamie xx. When is the new album coming?

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