High resolution sound with the Sony DMP-Z1 music player

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High resolution sound with the Sony DMP-Z1 music player

Combining superb high-quality sound, exceptional design and great usability, the DMP-Z1 is a supercharged music player that brings headphone amplifier sound and power wherever you want. Reaching new heights of sound quality, the DMP-Z1 achieves optimal high-resolution audio (up to native DSD 11.2MHz and PCM 384kHz/32 bit) and approximately 1,500 mW (16Ω) of power at the headphone output for full enjoyment. maximum listening to them in the favorite corner of your home.

-Exceptional sound quality with high resolution audio. Supports native DSD up to 11.2 MHz, both RCA and balanced

-Digital player with battery and integrated high-quality headphone amplifier

-Sound quality in stationary mode and high-power headphone output, custom gold-plated rotary volume control for Sony with dual DAC and analog amplification

-Independent battery power system powered by five battery cells

-H-shaped aluminum chassis and optimized audio circuit design

-256GB internal storage with two micro SD slots

The audio signal, when passing directly through the volume controller, sees its quality reduced and this is one of the most important aspects of audio design. The DMP-Z1 employs a custom, high-end, copper-plated and gold-plated analog rotary volume controller that drives volume through four independent paths (L+/ L-/ R+/ R-). This ensures signal purity and that the DMP-Z1 reproduces transparent and clear vocals, as it maximizes the performance of the DAC chip and preserves all the information of the audio source, even at very low volumes.

Independent feeding system

The DMP-Z1 has an independent power system with a total of five battery cells that provide independent and stable power to both the digital and analog blocks. Separate digital and analog power systems prevent noise propagation from the digital section to the analog block. The independent analog battery features a simple power circuit that provides clean current to the headphone amplifier. Therefore, the battery mode offers a powerful, clean and noise-free sound. Your user can easily switch the power mode from AC to battery by alternately pressing the Battery or AC button on the DMP-Z1’s touch panel.

H-shaped aluminum monocoque chassis

The DMP-Z1’s H-shaped aluminum chassis features a highly rigid structure that eliminates vibrations and reduces resistance, delivering powerful and clear low-frequency performance. In addition, the isolation of the amplifier board using the H-shaped chassis further reduces the sound, which will have an effect on the sound quality. This isolation blocks noise and provides areas for grounding on each board that connects to the chassis. This ensures the listener a transparent, distortion-free sound.

His music, his way

As a first for digital players, the user can personalize the sound with the Remastering Engine DSD, which allows you to convert all PCM music sources to DSD 5.6 MHz. This DSD remaster can be easily turned on and off in the user interface. The function Vinyl Processorrecently developed, recreates through intelligent processing the unique acoustic phenomenon of vinyl playback: arm resonance, subtle surface noise and the rich sound of vibration through acoustic feedback from the speakers to the turntable.

The DMP-Z1 also includes the new DSEE HXTM, with an algorithm that improves the treble supplement capacity through artificial intelligence technology, with which the user does not need to select the type of enhancement needed, but is selected automatically based on an analysis of information in real time.

Superior design

With its mirror-finish aluminum top plate, polished aluminum playback control buttons and gold-plated rotary volume control, the DMP-Z1 features a superior finish that exudes high-end luxury in every component. With its two microSD card slots, 256 GB internal storage, USB-C connections and a Bluetooth receiver, the DMP-Z1 offers many usage options and makes it a breath of fresh air in daily use.

Sony’s DMP-Z1 digital player will be available in December 2018.


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