The 'Hearing well is good for you' campaign will visit eight new cities

Hearing health

Hearing well makes you feel good

Hearing health is key to our physical and emotional well-being. Many emotions enter through the ear. And closing or limiting that access route affects us, without a doubt. For this reason, UMusic has started a new campaign with a very illustrative title: ‘Hearing well makes you feel good’. The objective is to raise awareness among the population about the importance of preventing hearing problems (hearing loss). The vehicle of this initiative, never better said, is a bus that started its route in Pamplona on Monday. Next stops: Oviedo and Santiago de Compostela.

The UMusic audiobus was installed on Monday in the Martín Azpilicueta street from Pamplona, ​​where it will remain until tomorrow, Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, the vehicle will travel to the Link Square. At both locations, this UMusic mobile unit, 17 square meterswill offer the possibility for interested parties to Know the status of your hearing through the UMusic app. There will also be available to visitors a hearing aid simulator to check how you hear with this hearing solution in different situations.

The ‘Hearing well makes you feel good’ campaign has three priority objectives:

  • To achieve, precisely, that hearing screenings become a priority for the general population, as occurs, for example, with dentistry or ophthalmology.
  • Break certain topics surrounding hearing problems and solutions such as hearing aids.
  • Remember that prevention is keyas it can allow rapid detection that helps stop the hearing loss process and, therefore, substantially improves people’s quality of life.

He UMusic audiobusafter his stay in Pamplona, will visit Oviedowhere it will be installed from May 29 to 31 in Plaza Escandaleraand from Thursday, June 1 to Friday, June 2 at the Plaza Abastos. The next stop will be in Santiago de Compostela: from Monday, June 19 to Wednesday, June 21, at 16 Rúa de la Senra streetand from Thursday June 22 to Friday June 23in the Red Square. And then? The other seven cities that this bus will visit have not yet been specified, although UMusic will offer specific information in its accounts. Facebook and Twitter.

The objective of this new campaign, which will end on October 6, is to reach more than 100 thousand people. Therefore, apart from the visitors received by the audiobus, UMusic will enable information points in shops of the different cities, apart from organizing and teaching awareness days in senior centers.

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