Hearing aids for children: know the different types and characteristics

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Hearing aids for children: know the different types and characteristics

The earphones In many cases they can be the best solution for Hearing loss that some suffer boys and girls. The constant advancement of these devices has improved performance and adaptability to the needs and day-to-day life of the little ones. In the next post we explain In which cases a hearing aid may be the best optionas well as the different existing types.

It will always be the specialist who determines if the hearing aid is the best solution for a boy or girl affected by hearing loss. It will also be the hearing expert who will advise on the best model, at the same time you will be responsible for its adjustment. Nevertheless, UMusic Junior highlights a series of general aspects that should be taken into account in the process of choosing hearing aids:

  • He type and degree of hearing loss of the boy or girl.
  • The hearing aid must be resistant to withstand shocks when playing and remain immune to dust and humidity.
  • Hearing aids must have Audio ports compatible with classroom FM systems and other places.
  • Children prefer colored headphones: Nowadays there are many different colors.
  • Children should know the functions of the hearing aid that allow disable manual volume controlas children may mistakenly set an inappropriate volume level.

Although it will be, as we pointed out, the specialist who will determine the best hearing aid for each boy or girl, it is true that The most recommended are those that are placed behind the earcalled behind-the-ear headphones. The reason is that due to the continuous growth of the child’s ear, this is the model that guarantees the best support.

In the case of older children, the aesthetic component is important. And for this reason they are usually recommended hearing aids with external earpiece. He microphone It remains in the housing, but the receiver is placed in the ear canal. In this way it is achieved that the headset is smaller and more aesthetic.

On our website you have More information about children’s hearing aids what we offer. These devices are also prepared to avoid incidents with children: they are high resistance to possible shockscount on easy-to-use buttons but with security options, they have battery holder with opening only for parents and has a fastening clip to avoid losses.

Hearing aids for children: better one in each ear

There are many cases in which specialists recommend the use of a hearing aid in each ear. This achieves the so-called binaural hearing. Thanks to it we can hear sounds accurately in noisy situations and promote the understanding of words. And it is sometimes prescribed to boys and girls who only have hearing loss in one ear. The reason is that expanding the sound with a single hearing aid can put the child at a disadvantage by making it difficult to understand speech or the detection of noises thanks to the effort you have to make.

In fact, different studies show that although hearing loss is greater in one ear than the other, people who use two hearing aids obtain better results.

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