Hearing aids at the best price during the Golden Days of Hearing

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Hearing aids at the best price during the Golden Days of Hearing

The maturity It is synonymous with plenitude. The accumulated experience provides security and peace of mind. And if we are also already enjoying retirement, the free time available to invest in our hobbies explains why they call it the golden age. In UMusic We are aware and we do not want the Hearing loss either hearing loss limits us in this stage of life. That’s why they come back The Golden Days of Hearingwith discounts of up to 40% on earphones.

This discount of up to 40% on the purchase of hearing aids is applicable to model Signia Siemens Motion P/SP 7px. The offer cannot be combined with other offers or promotions and is valid for purchases made starting today Thursday and until next November 10.

The objective of this promotion is to improve the hearing health of those men and women with hearing problems and who, at the moment, have not taken measures. The symptoms are usually evident and are appreciated by the relatives of those affected by hearing loss: They find it difficult to follow a conversation and usually have the television or radio volume very high. Given these signs, the first step is go to a specialist. In fact, UMusic makes the telephone number available to interested parties. 900 835 707 to arrange a totally free hearing checksomething that can also be done on-line filling out this form.

After the aforementioned visit, and with a professional diagnosis, our specialists will look for the best solution for each case. And in this sense, headphones are, without a doubt, one of the most recommended. The great evolution of technology in recent years has allowed these devices to currently offer a higher sound quality and a better understanding of words, in addition to having a smaller size – up to 3 centimeters or less – and presenting a more ergonomic and aesthetic design.

The UMusic Golden Days of Hearing promotion is valid in all UMusic centers. You just have to go to the nearest one and find out. But don’t delay: remember that The offer is valid only from today until next Friday, November 10.

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