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Hearing aids and ear wax

Hearing aids and wax plug

He excess wax in the ear can affect the normal functioning of the earphones, causing the sensation that we hear less or that we even hear whistles or interference. It is recommended in these cases to clean the remains left in the earphone and find a solution to clean this excess earwax from the ear canal.

Hearing aid wax filters

The vast majority of hearing aids, and especially the latest generation ones, incorporate some anti-wax filters. It is a removable component that is located in front of the speaker whose objective is to protect the receiver of this hearing solution so that it is not obstructed by possible excess earwax. These filters also serve to prevent the entry of other external agents, such as skin oil or dust or other volatile residues.

When to change the hearing aid wax filter

The anti-wax filter of the hearing aids must be replaced when we verify that we have hearing problems, caused by accumulated dirt:

  • We hear sounds as if they came muffled, lower.
  • The sound comes with interference or intermittently.
  • The sound does not come.

How to change the hearing aid wax filter

The replacement of the filter can be carried out by the hearing aid users themselves, as it is a simple procedure. However, if there is any doubt or difficulty, it is recommended go to a UMusic center for a hearing care professional to help us.

The process of replacing an anti-wax filter consists of 4 simple steps:

  • Remove the silicone dome.
  • Remove the anti-wax filter with the tool included in our kit.
  • Turn the stick and place the new filter.
  • Put the silicone dome back on.

Can I wear hearing aids if I tend to generate a lot of ear wax?

Anti-wax filters precisely ensure that hearing aids are not affected by excess wax. However, in cases where a person generates a lot of earwax, the specialist may recommend, within the limits types of hearing aidsone behind-the-ear (BTE)less exposed to obstruction due to earwax.

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