girl in red also has her country moment

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girl in red also has her country moment

In a year in which we are going to hear a lot about country music, between Beyoncé, Lana del Rey and all the music that was already hitting the charts, even girl in red has its banjo moment. It happens in 'DOING IT AGAIN BABY', the song that almost titles her new album and is our Song of the Day today.

The songs that are playing the most from this album are 'Too Much' and the duet with Sabrina Carpenter, but we must also highlight this song with a markedly retro character, and which incorporates a hilarious banjo in its last half. The lyrics talk about looking like a 70s rock star, and the chorus challenges “nothing is going to stop me if I say what I want.”

In an interview with girl in red that we will publish soon, she defends having made this song for pure fun: «In 'DOING IT AGAIN BABY' I say “got my Ray-Bans on and I'm rolling with the boys / having all this swagger was “never a choice.” If you don't get that that's something for fun, that it's obviously humor, if you look at it from the perspective of “oh, I'm going to find out if this is a good lyric or not”… It's a goofy energy, a lot of the album has it, and with that energy you connect or you don't connect.

He therefore defends himself against the bad reviews: «In many reviews I have read that, that the lyrics are stupid and so on… I think they haven't gotten the energy of the album, and that's okay, there are people who get it and people who don't. If you listen to the album thinking that it's going to be like everything I've done before, you might be disappointed… but I don't know, I understand that it can be a heavy album, not in terms of being metal (laughs) but it is very charged, it is much more energetic, etc. And if people aren't in a place in their lives where something like that resonates with them, it may not fit. But it was the album I wanted to make, it was the album that felt fun and coherent for me to make at the time I made it, so I'm very happy with it.”

girl in red will be performing in Barcelona on September 16. It will be at the Sant Jordi Club and tickets are on sale through Primavera Sound.

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