Future Islands announce album and find calm in 'The Tower'

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Future Islands announce album and find calm in ‘The Tower’

Future Islands is already preparing its return. After three years since the publication of their last album, ‘As Long As You Are’ is counting the days until their follow-up is published: ‘People Who Aren’t There Anymore’. The group has accompanied the announcement of the album with the publication of ‘The Tower’, their new single.

The Future Islands tour ended just two months ago. However, the group has been working on their seventh album, which will be published on January 26, 2024. Future Islands explores a calmer and more relaxed sound here in ‘As Long As You Are’, distancing itself from the great energy that Some of the group’s old songs characterized them.

This is perceived with complete clarity in ‘The Tower’, where they take their time to let the song grow on its own from the lyrics. In fact, the strength of the single lies in its narrative: the singer chooses to lie to himself in order to avoid the consequences of facing reality. The listener is part of that lie, hearing in each chorus his false “when everything is fine” until he exchanges it in the last verse for a more honest “when it is not at all.”

The video for the song is directed by Jonathan van Tulleken, who has confessed that “being able to collaborate on a music video with the band was a pleasure, especially one that explores that duality of light and darkness literally and metaphorically.” Furthermore, he states that he has found a performance “captivating and disturbing.”

‘People Who Aren’t There Anymore’ will be made up of a total of twelve tracks, including the previous singles ‘Deep In The Night’, ‘King of Sweden’ and ‘Peach’. This is the tracklist:

1.King of Sweden
2. The Tower
3. Deep in the Night
4. Say Goodbye
5. Give Me the Ghost Back
6. Corner of My Eye
7. The Thief
8. Irises
9. The Fight
11. The Sickness
12. The Garden Wheel

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