Frente Abierto lanzan su primer videosingle

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Frente Abierto release their first video single

“It seems like I'm seeing you (Soleá)”, is the first song released by Frente Abierto. The project that unites the singers Israel Fernández and Lela Soto with Marco Serrato, Raúl Cantizano and David Cordero was presented to society in the Antioxidante cycle of Bullas (Murcia). From that premiere this recording is now extracted that confirms the wicks of this new meeting of flamenco, rock and sparks of minimalist electronics.

On March 23, we were lucky enough to attend the unofficial premiere of Frente Abierto. On paper, a collective made up of Carlos perez, Marco Serratoin which the metal pulse of Orthodox or Altair, the ambient landscapes of David Cordero or the chameleonic guitar of Raul Cantizano. On stage the voices of Israel Fernandez and Lela Soto to command this journey that uses the flamenco styles to build a transversal story.

The first sample button is this soleá, “It seems like I'm seeing you“, with which they closed their showcase in Bullas' Antioxidante cycle and which now serve with all the audiovisual force of that moment. It is a live recording of the rehearsal sessions prior to the live debut, and made by Fernando Cienfuegos (2041) and Adrian Cecilio.

Israel Fernández, Lela Soto and Frente Abierto will make their official premiere next Thursday, August 22, 2024 within the programming of the CanelaParty festival in Torremolinos.

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