Freemasonry wants to be your girlfriend sounding like Camela

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Freemasonry wants to be your girlfriend sounding like Camela

Masoniería, alias of Sònia Montoya, bassist for Papa Topo and Eterna Juventut, has relied on Hidrogenesse for the production of most of her singles and for their release on the Austro-Hungarian label. Among these singles are 'El archer' (2020) or 'Llorando por todo la ciudad' (2022), one of the Masoniería songs included on the soundtrack of 'My friend's friend'. This is the case again with 'I want to be your girlfriend', probably the most clubbing song the artist has ever signed.

It is a song inspired by the hi-NRG of the eighties, so much so that it does not hesitate to incorporate the sound of some good bells. Of course, the melody of 'I want to be your girlfriend' leads to Spanish technopop and, more specifically, to Camela.

'I want to be your girlfriend' has layers, as its lyrics are inspired by the life of the famous 19th century French writer Aurore Dupin, who signed with the male pseudonym George Sand in order to see her works published. Dupin lived in Mallorca, a city to which she dedicated a book, and she was known for wearing masculine clothing and smoking in public, transgressing the social codes of the time.

“Your hectic life is criticized by society” is one of the phrases we hear in 'I want to be your girlfriend'. Dupin's story fascinates Freemasonry and, therefore, he “declares” his love for her: he likes that he “smokes in Paris”, that he “wears a gray suit” and that he pretends to be a man while being a woman, and he imagines himself dancing. with her in Mallorca. In 'I want to be your girlfriend', Masoniería delivers a peculiar and fun union between eighties disco and literature.

'I want to be your girlfriend' will be part of an EP dedicated to George Sand, which will be released in June including new versions and remixes of the song.

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