Masoniería revela su amor literario en “Quiero ser tu novia”

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Freemasonry reveals its literary love in “I want to be your girlfriend”

Sònia Montoya (bassist of Papa Mole) releases the single “I want to be your girlfriend” under her personal project Masonry showcasing her prowess as a pop songwriter.

“I want to be your girlfriend” is the new song Masonry. After contributing two songs to the 2023 LGTBIQ+ revelation film “My friend's friend” of Zaida Carmona, Sònia Montoya returns with her new song. A declaration of crazy love to the novelist Aurore Dupin (George Sand) to the rhythm of europop.

“I want to be your girlfriend” is a danceable and romantic song in equal parts. Once again, the team Masonry-Hydrogenesse They come together to take advantage of Sònia's compositional talent. On this occasion, she combined dance, Hi-NRG and orchestral arrangements to make the obsessive outburst and frenetic romanticism of the composition sound.

Aurora Dupin She was the great writer of French Romanticism of the 19th century. She signed her works with the male pseudonym of George Sandas a means of overcoming the oppression of the society of his time. Masonry It condenses in two minutes of passionate and novel pop a portrait of a free woman with a fascinating life, turning her into a pop icon.

In the music video for “I want to be your girlfriend”, Sònia's crush on George Sand leads her to become a video game character. He embarks on the adventure of finding the writer by following her footsteps through Paris, Mallorca and other places where she lived. In all these scenarios, Sònia is infected with a passionate force that turns her into a superhero.

The video has been made and edited by Hydrogenesseand the single will be expanded in June with an EP dedicated to George Sand, with new remixes and versions of the song.

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