Frank Ocean shares 1 minute of an unreleased song

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Frank Ocean shares 1 minute of an unreleased song

Frank Ocean begins to prepare his return… or so it seems. In recent days, Ocean has been especially active on social networks, to which he has returned after a long period of silence. In the stories of his Instagram profile, @blonded, Ocean has been posting images of him doing various activities: in one photo he appears having dinner, in another, training at the gym. One would think that he is trying to convey that he is back, and this time for real.

As if to confirm the suspicions of his followers, Ocean’s next move on social media has been the publication of a piece of a new song. One minute has been enough to raise the alarms of the fans, and that the song or, at least, the fragment that Frank has shown, is not too far from the sound of ‘Blonde’. In the snippet, Frank sings accompanied by a keyboard melody.

This year, Frank Ocean has returned to the stage for the first time in six years, at the Coachella festival, although leaving a bittersweet taste, since the first confirmed concert could not be broadcast, nor was it considered a revelation on an artistic level. The second of the announced concerts had to be canceled due to an injury to the artist.

Frank Ocean has yet to release his third studio album, if there is one. Since ‘Blonde’, an album released in 2016, Ocean has released several singles, such as ‘Chanel’ or ‘Biking’, but his long project is taking a while. His most recent singles, ‘Cayendo’ and ‘Dear April’, date back to 2020. At least, it cannot be said that Ocean has been completely silent in all this time.

In Christmas 2022, Ocean released a new limited edition vinyl of ‘Blonde’, which quickly sold out.

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