Francesc Picas from Locomía dies at 53

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Francesc Picas from Locomía dies at 53

Francesc Picas, who was a member of the Locomía group that enjoyed the greatest popularity during the 80s and 90s, has died at the age of 53. This is what his family has communicated: «To all the friends and followers of FRANCESC PICAS: Francesc’s Light has gone out in this life, but he never will do so in eternity. He remains in the hearts and memories of all those who loved him so much. The family and friends, in this very painful situation, ask for privacy and that his human and artistic legacy be preserved with all the love and respect that he deserves. Thank you for your understanding and support.

The statement concludes with a quote from Francesc Picas: “If we are Luz, everything is possible. And if we are Light, we are all One.

Born in 1970, Francesc Picas had not reached the age of majority when he joined Locomía in 1989, replacing Xavier Font, who became manager. Picas, who before breaking into the music industry was dedicated to fashion and studied journalism, appeared on Locomía’s second album, ‘Loco Vox’ (1991), and went on successful tours around Spain with the band. and Latin America, before the original line-up split in 1992.

In 1994, Picas published a solo album, ‘Bendión’, and in 1999 he participated in the Locomía reunion, but, little by little, the Barcelona-born artist left the front line of music to dedicate himself to writing lyrics for others. artists or practicing as a psychologist. During the 21st century, Picas was immersed in the world of fashion and literature, especially poetry, and wrote short stories and novels of various genres.

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