Fontaines D.C. mantienen el listón alto en “Favourite”

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Fontaines DC keep the bar high in “Favourite”

He next August 23 will see the light “ROMANCE” (via XL/Popstock!), the long-awaited new full-length DC Fountains And listening to songs like “Favourite”, we are clear that it will be one of the albums of the season.

“Favourite”, the second advance after “Starburster”, is a song in which Fontaines DC once again show their capabilities and in which Grian Chatten takes us by the hand from euphoria to sadness, all in the same emotional journey.

The music video for the song has been directed by the band themselves and documents a recent trip to Madrid. A city with which the group has multiple personal connections, such as the place where the guitarist was born and raised. Carlos O’Connell and the city the band used as a base for their first tour. Cut together with childhood footage of all five band members, it’s an intimate portrait of a group on the cusp of their next leap in their career.

Conor Deegan of Fontaines DC comments on the video: “This video is a reminiscence of the past, of each other’s childhood that we didn’t know. To see the people we know on an intimate level as adults in the tender ages of childhood, We explore where we come from and who on some level still is. I see a lot of familiar faces being brought out, and the antics these guys are up to in their videos are so disarming and vulnerable to watch. Sometimes I’m reminded of the youthful gestures. that they have overcome in the time that I have known them, and some that have not. I feel their souls there. I would like this video to serve as a way to honor our friendships and, from there, the relationships that we cherish. brothers, uncles and aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers. Those we still have and those we have sadly lost. We have not lost that connection with each other, and we are not afraid of coming of age, holding on to romance in a sometimes difficult world. “.

On the other hand, the group is already involved in a tour that will take them from this month until the end of the year to Ireland, Italy, the United States, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom United Kingdom or Canada, with a long list of shows in which they have already sold out all the seats months in advance. Within this tour, we will be able to see them again in our country, specifically in Madrid (November 2, WiZink Center). Now we have to wait to see if there will be a chance to see them next year in theaters in other cities or at Spanish festivals.

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