flowerovlove includes boys in their particular “Boys, boys, boys”

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flowerovlove includes boys in their particular “Boys, boys, boys”

Among the news this Friday, the new thing from flowerovlove stood out. We met the very young Londoner Joyce Cisse for being one of Primavera Sound's bets last year, and since then she has continued releasing songs. The very fresh 'a girl like me', published in November, has ended up becoming her most popular song, and this summer will be the time to enjoy her new single 'BOYS'. It's the Song of the Day for this Tuesday.

Like Sabrina's song of the same name, or better yet, like Charli XCX's more recent and similar song of the same name, it's an ode to the boys flowerovlove can't stop thinking about.

This is how she explains it herself: «'BOYS' is about being so madly in love with boys that you can't eat, sleep, think or breathe. They're all you can think about, running through your veins in the best possible way, because fantasizing about a crush is the best and most dizzying feeling ever.

As typical as it may sound, the theme is agile, functional and fun. Furthermore, in its short 2 and a half minutes, it has time to add a small plot twist. To archetypes like “the tall supermodel” and “the star of a soap opera”, flowerovlove adds a different type of boy, who he also likes, and which makes his decision very difficult.

It happens in the verse where he also praises the “boys who wear his makeup” and those who “get jealous of his shoes.” Finally, he adds a little line closer to empowerment than dependency: “If you think you're worth my time, get in line, because there are so many I just can't choose.”

Of course, when making his video clip, flowerovlove has concentrated his fantasy on a single boy, with whom he performs a nice choreography.

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