FKA twigs, censored for a Calvin Klein ad, responds

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FKA twigs, censored for a Calvin Klein ad, responds

Bad news for FKA twigs. The artist, who has collaborated on a Calvin Klein advertising campaign in the United Kingdom, faces a censorship case after the Advertising Standards Authority banned the advertisement in which the singer appears.

In the now-banned promotional photograph, FKA twigs appears wearing a denim shirt that, as she has not finished putting on, leaves the right side of her body exposed. This, according to the organization, is what led to the decision to remove the advertisement, claiming that the “composition of the image focused viewers’ attention on the model’s body instead of the advertised clothing.”

On the other hand, the organization states that her “physical features” had “presented her as a stereotypical sexual object”, which is why they conclude that “the advertisement is irresponsible” and could “cause serious offence.” The ban comes after complaints from two people that the images were “overly sexualized” and objectified women.

Calvin Klein has defended its advertising campaign in a statement, stating that its poses are “natural and neutral”: “The images were not vulgar and were of two self-confident and empowered women who had chosen to identify with the Calvin Klein brand, and the advertisements contained a progressive and enlightened message.

Additionally, the artist also defended the ad in Rolling Stone at the time of its release: “Doing this campaign means I can be who I am: a strong woman. It is something that will not go out of style. “When I’m 60 and have grandchildren, I’ll be able to show them these photos and say, ‘Your grandmother was strong.'”

Regarding the censorship of photography, FKA twigs has already spoken out through Instagram, where she comments that “in view of other past and present campaigns of this type,” she feels that “there is a double standard.” «I don’t see the ‘stereotypical sex object’ that I have been labeled with. “I see a woman of color, beautiful and strong, whose incredible body has overcome more pain than you can imagine,” she writes.

These complaints also occurred in March when Kendall Jenner made a similar advertisement with Calvin Klein, according to Variety. However, in that case the advertising campaign was not eliminated. The debate, in fact, did not even exist when recently Jeremy Allen White He appeared half-naked in another advertisement for the same brand.

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