Primeras confirmaciones de la segunda edición de #Followthesong

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First confirmations of the second edition of #Followthesong

The initiative #FollowTheSongdriven Sony Music Publishing and the festival Spring Pro announces first batch of artists for its second edition. Among them we can see both international and state names.

He camp creative #FollowTheSong, which will take place in Barcelona, ​​from May 28 to 30and in Madrid, from June 3 to 7advances the first confirmed artists, among whom are Abraham Mateo, Tinie Tempah and Margaretamong many others.

And the return of #FollowTheSong means once again having a meeting space between members of the industry, such as artists and producers, to promote talent on different days. The last edition managed to bring together two hundred artists, and this year's promises to double that number, since it will take place in two cities. On the other hand, this second edition will have more activities such as talks and workshops on various topics. Within this group of artists, in addition to those already named, there are currently added Belen Aguilera, Sofia Mora, Bikôkô, Ana Mancebo, Benjy, Lazuli, IGIT, Rudder, SIGNAL, KaCeZet either Oscar Chase.

Among the talks that were confirmed are those of Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi and Hydrogenesse talking about the creation of Stella Maris or Artificial Intelligence in the creative process, hand in hand with Alizzz and Alex Loscos. Without a doubt the second edition of #FollowTheSong, in collaboration with the entities SGAE Foundation, Santander SMusic and Youtube music, promises to be an enriching event to meet different relevant names on the musical scene and learn from the experience of other artists. You can find out about the entire #FollowTheSong programming at this link.

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