Final ZE8000 MK2 and UX2000 Wireless Headphones

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Final ZE8000 MK2 and UX2000 Wireless Headphones

Maximum exponent of Japanese perfectionism and purism in headphone design and manufacturing, the prestigious company Final has just launched two new ones on the market wireless modelsintended for those seeking maximum sound naturalness to listen to your favorite music in privacy without giving up your freedom of movement: the ZE8000 in-ears MK2 and the UX2000 circumaural. Defined as the evolution of the “8K SOUND” philosophy, released on the ZE8000 and whose name is a nod to the extraordinary resolution of 8K video, the ZE8000 MK2 aims to immerse the listener in the subtleties of a large orchestral formation in even greater detail. A goal that is achieved by simultaneously improving critical aspects related to software and hardware, in order to increase the signal-to-noise ratio and optimize the extraction of microinformation from each recording.

  Final ZE8000 MK2

Compared to the original model, the ZE8000 MK2 exhibits a 32% improvement in terms of acoustic insulation, thanks to very elaborate changes in its internal structure, the use of helmets “Shield End” newly developed already re-evaluation of the active noise cancellation algorithm. They also display a greater resistance to the noise of the wind, as well as a 5 dB increase at maximum volume, thereby enhancing ease of listening to desired levels. Equipped with the extremely flat tonal curve inherent to “8K SOUND” and with an operation that allows a high degree of customization via “final CONNECT” app, the ZE8000 MK2 guarantee faithful reproduction of each instrument’s unique timbre without compromising the balance between the instruments of each performance. For its part, the brand’s second proposal in wireless headphones, the circumaural model UX2000is the latest addition to its UX range, widely celebrated for offering an exceptional combination of Noise Cancellation hybrid active, sound performance, comfort and affordability.

  Final UX2000

Building on the legacy of the UX3000 while introducing unique features, the UX2000 has a unusual autonomy (45 hours with noise cancellation on and 60 hours with noise cancellation off) and are intended for those looking for irreproachable musicalityincorporating in parallel a exclusive technology of noise suppression to recreate an expansive soundstage and fabulously clear vocals. They also include a microphone system dedicated device that eliminates ambient noise during calls and obtains extremely clear vocal communication during calls and gaming sessions. In this sense, it should be especially noted that the Final are equipped with a advanced low latency mode for games, which makes them an ideal companion for “gamers” and music video fans who demand high quality sound perfectly synchronized while enjoying your favorite content.

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