FiiO M3K, the new entry-level Hi-Res player from FiiO

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FiiO M3K, the new entry-level Hi-Res player from FiiO

FiiO once again renews its entry range and resurrects one of its most classic players but this time, with new functions and substantial improvements compared to its predecessor.

He FiiO M3K It is a portable player that has a type processor Ingenic X1000E ; This processor offers high levels of performance without sacrificing at minimal energy consumption and to improve aspects such as battery life or the fluidity of the device itself.

Regarding its DAC section, the M3K uses a chip AKM AK4376A able to decode up to 384kHz/32bit and offer a natural and clean sound, without additives.
As if that were not enough, the M3K is capable of working with a large number of formats and files: from the least demanding ones such as MP3 to high resolution formats such as FLAC or PCM.

One of the strong points of the FiiO M3K is its autonomy, since it allows us offers 24 hours of battery life in continuous listening and up to 38 days in standby . Thus, the user will be able to listen to an average of 3.5 hours a day and charge their player only once a week.

Regarding capacity and although it does not have internal memory, this new FiiO DAP supports microSD cards up to 2TB Without a doubt, a giant capacity with which music will be safe.

Compared to its predecessor, FiiO M3, the M3K offers new features to consider. First of all, integrates audio recorder and with her, a high-quality internal microphone so that the user brings out their most creative side. For its part, its most relevant musical function, is the A/B repeat that allows you to repeat tracks and compare them with each other to estimate the quality of the playback.

Another of the great novelties of this Hi-Res player is the USB/DAC addition , present for the first time, in a DAP of this range and price and that undoubtedly places the M3K as a magnificent alternative to improve the sound quality of the PC. Backed by Hi-Res Audio certification, the FiiO M3K has been redesigned and features a current and avant-garde look without losing its portable essence.

It has a 2” screen and its controls are touch and capacitive which is a big step forward compared to the physical buttons of the FiiO M3, they have backlighting for low light situations and through them, you can manage the most relevant aspects of the music and dive through the interface which is designed to be intuitive and not an arduous task.

Thus, the FiiO M3K is positioned as a novelty to take into account for those users looking for a high-resolution player. at a reduced price of €74.99 and want to enjoy all the musical performances and ultimately, their favorite songs.

Technical specifications:

● CPU: Ingenic X1000E
● DAC: AK4376A
● Screen: IPS 2 inches
● Operation: touch and capacitive buttons
● Dimensions: 90.8mm×44.2mm×12mm
● Charging time: approx. 2.5 hours (DC5V/2A charger)
● Battery life: approx. 24 hours
● Standby mode: approx. 38 days
● Battery: 1100mAh
● Storage: external via MicroSD up to 2TB
● Output power: 25mW(32Ω /THD+N<1%) / 42mW(16Ω /THD+N<1%)
● Frequency response: 5Hz~90kHz(-3dB)
● SNR: ≥117dB(A-weighted)
● Recommended impedance: 16~100Ω
● THD+N: <0.004%(1kHz/32Ω)
● Noise Floor: <2u

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