FiiO launches its new X7II, X3III and Q1II players and amplifier

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FiiO launches its new X7II, X3III and Q1II players and amplifier

FiiO launches its new players and amplifier X7II, X3III and Q1II, the new models replace the previous versions.

July, 2017-. The Asian firm FiiO is already working on the imminent launch of its new products: FiiO X7 II, FiiO X3 III and FiiO Q1 II, its new Hi-Res players and amplifier that will replace the previous models and that promise improvements and
innovations compared to their predecessors.

The FiiO X7 II is crowned as the brand’s new top of the range with the purpose of
preserve its philosophy by offering a high fidelity player with the latest
innovations when it comes to technology; install the latest version of Android
5.1 and offers the possibility of accessing the most popular streaming music platforms
like Spotify or Tidal, surf the web or enjoy video services
like YouTube.

It has a 2GB RAM memory, and increases its internal storage so much
which goes from 32GB of the first version to 64GB of this second generation and
the possibility of expanding said storage up to 576 GB thanks to its two
Completely redesigned microSD card slots.

Regarding its internal components, its 8-channel ESS DAC stands out.
ES9028PRO capable of offering better dynamics, a larger scene and in
special, a sound quality that surpasses its previous version. With this, the FiiO
X7 II is capable of playing high resolution formats such as DSD128, WAV,
FLAC, AAC, DSXD or AIFF up to 384 kHz/32bit.

For its part, the power will be determined by its external amplification modules.
designed specifically for this new version of the X7 that have output
traditional jack, as well as a balanced output that will allow you to connect the
headphones with the highest quality and demand on the market to squeeze out every detail of
your favorite topics. However, the FiiO X7 modules will also be valid
for this new version.

Despite being thinner and lighter than the previous model, the X7 II houses a battery
larger and higher capacity, specifically 3800mAh, which is joined by a new
fast charging mode that offers up to twice as fast so that in around
one hour, the player is 100% charged and you can enjoy it
linking it with other devices thanks to its Bluetooth 4.1 connection with
aptX protocol.

The FiiO X7 II stands out from the first generation in terms of its design since
It is inspired by its little brother FiiO X5 III since it is fully touch-sensitive, and
houses some of its physical controls on the sides of the player such as the wheel
volume control and the functions intended to play/pause or skip
clue. In addition, the player has a very elegant aluminum finish that is a symbol of the firm.

Finally, the FiiO X7 II is scheduled to land in Spain at the end of September
with a RRP of €699.

On the other hand, the arrival of the FiiO X3 III represents a qualitative leap and a firm
the brand’s commitment to consolidate its successful mid-range player.

The main difference of this new version compared to the FiiO X3 II is the
incorporation of bluetooth 4.1 that will open new horizons for music lovers
music players looking for a player with maximum performance.

Another of the most visible differences is the integration of two PCM5242 DACs that
increase the power and sound quality of the player as well as the integration of
the balanced output to make the most of those headphones that require
of power and quality in equal parts.

Regarding its design, FiiO follows the aesthetic line that began with the X1 II since with
This X3 III we find a very similar design that will look like in finishes
black and red and will have a fully touch wheel and multifunction button to not
miss even a detail of its multiple uses.

The X3 III is scheduled to arrive in Spain at the end of September with a RRP
around €200.

In the headphone amplifiers/DAC section, the arrival of the FiiO stands out
Q1 II that has an official MFI certificate which ensures complete
compatibility with Apple devices as well as the Hi-Res distinctive thanks to its
ability to decode high resolution formats such as DSD256.

As far as technical specifications are concerned, it is worth highlighting the increase
considerable of its output power 75mW (PO/32 Ω) and 200mW (BAL/ 32 Ω) and
distortion reduction, it is recommended that the FiiO Q1 II be used with headphones
16-150 Ω. For its part, its 1800mAh battery increases up to 20 hours in mode.
AUX and up to 10h in DAC mode.

The arrival in Spain of the FiiO Q1 II is scheduled for the end of September with a
RRP around €119.

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