Fiio FH5, a star is born

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Fiio FH5, a star is born

FiiO launches its top-of-the-range headset so far.

July, 2018: FiiO has just launched its first four-driver in-ear headphones, the FH5 model.
Thus, the Asian brand confirms its commitment to IEMs and settles in a market segment in which there is still a lot of fabric to be cut.

These FiiO FH5 are in-ear design headphones that integrate four Knowles-type drivers, one of the most prominent and present manufacturers in the sector.

Three Balanced-Armature drivers and a dynamic driver have been reserved for the FH5, a structure present in high-end IEMs, but this time, at a RRP of €279.99.

The sound profile of the FiiO FH5 tends to offer relaxed highs, very well-defined and forward midrange frequencies to highlight vocals, and strong and full-bodied bass and sub-bass tones. It is undoubtedly at this frequency where the FH5 shines above all, thanks to the structure of its internal circuitry and outstanding performance.

With this, these new FiiO headphones are versatile and versatile for all types of musical genres, although they perform very well in styles such as electronic, Pop, Jazz and even Rock.

Regarding their technical specifications, these FiiO FH5 stand out for being very easy to move, thanks to their 19 Ohms of impedance and 112dB of sensitivity, so they can be easily used with devices such as a smartphone or tablet and therefore Of course, squeeze all their juice by combining them with a Hi-Res player from the brand itself.

Another novelty of these FH5 is its high-quality detachable cable.
Monocrystalline type and made of silver-plated copper, the cable of these headphones, in its technical aspect, is responsible for minimizing distortion and noise to guarantee the best sound quality.

In its physical appearance, in addition to having a considerable length and perfect for various uses, it is flexible and tangle-free so it will be very easy to transport them and go with the headphones everywhere.

The MMCX connectors are finished in copper and as is usual in the brand’s in-ears, the channels can be identified by color, the left being blue and the right being red.

Regarding their design, the FiiO FH5 have robust capsules thanks to the use of aluminum machined using CNC technology; These materials offer us headphones that are strong to the touch and resistant. In addition, its titanium finish presents a very elegant appearance without giving up the point of sophistication and beauty.

Its behind-the-ear grip system is comfortable and seals inside the ear canal without exerting annoying pressure to enjoy music for long periods of listening.

Another very interesting aspect of the FiiO FH5 is its large assortment of accessories, led by two cases, one in a waterproof pelican style and another in an urban design; different models and silicone tips in different sizes to choose the one that best suits the user’s ear and a tool to clean any remains of earwax that may be present in the headset.

In short, the FiiO FH5 are on the starting grid, as one of the most interesting alternatives for those looking for a well-defined sound backed by the Hi-Res certificate and at a very competitive price.

-Technical specifications:

● Driver type: 1 dynamic and 3 Balanced-Armature
● Frequency response: 15Hz – 40kHz
● Sensitivity: 112dB
● Impedance: 19 Ω
● Connector: 3.5mm jack
● Cable length: 1.2m
● Weight: 8g
● Detachable cable: yes
● Maximum recommended power: 100mW

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