Félix Daniel, collaborator of Chico y Chica, dies

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Félix Daniel, collaborator of Chico y Chica, dies

Chico and Chica report the death of Félix Daniel at the age of 56. Félix Daniel is well remembered among Austro-Hungarian fans for having been part of the duo's environment during its formation, providing the male voice in their great hit 'You, what you have to do'. It is Chico y Chica's most emblematic song, from their debut album, 'Yes'. He also worked with Lourdes Madow.

This is the text that ChyCha shared on Instagram: «Yesterday, Sunday, we said goodbye to our friend Félix Daniel. Companion on musical adventures, exciting trips, concerts and in every moment of joy and wonder we share together. We wrote “You What You Have to Do” for him and we sang it with him for the first time on February 25, 1998 in El Convento, a small, crowded bar on Esperanza Street in Bilbao. It was our gift for his 30th birthday.

In recent years, as a dressmaker, she was in charge of making the figurines for the video “What the models think” and the styling for the video “The baddest actress there is.” As a disc jockey he was always the first to listen to and test our songs. Because in all these years, with his unique and intuitive criteria, Félix has always been planning for each new song we were making: “Will Félix like it?”, “What face will Félix make?”, “Felix You're going to love it!” These photos are from winter 2001 for our album “Yes”.
Felix Daniel Perez Saenz
Bilbao, February 25, 1968 – April 28, 2024″.

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