EZEZEZ publican videoclip y nuevas fechas de su gira

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EZEZEZ publish video clip and new dates of their tour

“Mutiko II” is a single taken from “Katuzaldia” (23), the second album by the Basque rock group EZEZEZ, with which they made a leap into the national territory. Now they release a video clip, while announcing new tour dates.

The Basque punk rock band EZEZEZ continues to take steps forward in his career. With his second full-length, “Katuzaldia”, published at the end of last year, have expanded their radius of action throughout the peninsula. The song “Mutiko II” is a continuation of “Mutiko I”, which in a radically different style adapts a poem by Sandro Penna (translated into Basque by Inigo Astiz), who recites “You'll die, boy, and so will I.” For Unai, the band's lyricist, both songs, talking about death, actually talk about the importance of friendship.

In “Mutiko II”, which translates as “boy II”, there is a single sentence that is repeated like a mantra throughout the minute and a half of the recording. “Joan da, urrutira joan da, ta nik behar neban, horrelako lagun bat behar neban ta zuk behar zendun”, which in Spanish translates as “He's gone, he's gone far away, and I needed a friend like that, and you needed a friend like that”, is almost recited with the urgency and aggressiveness that the instrumental power of the song requires.

We can see the group live on June 1 in Markina-Xemein (Bizkaia) and Herri Olimpiadak in Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa), on June 5 at Wurlitzer Ballroom in Madrid, on June 8 at Kafraga Kultur Elkartea in Mañaria (Bizkaia), on June 18 at TBA in Madrid, on June 29 at Tizón Sound in Gijón, on June 30 at Ehz Fest in Arberatze, on July 5 in Mundaka (Bizkaia) and on July 12 at Bilbao BBK Live.

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