Excelente acogida del proyecto The Spanish Wave en The Great Escape

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Excellent reception of The Spanish Wave project at The Great Escape

Excellent reception of the project to internationalize Spanish talent The Spanish Wave at the english festival The Great Escapewhich took place on May 15 to 18.

The initiative The Spanish Wavedriven Live Nation Spain, sweeps The Great Escape festival, placing Spain as a focus of emerging talent. And more than 2,000 attendees attended the project showcases, in addition to having 350 professional delegates at the Meet The Spaniards and in the exclusive presentation of the IEA.

And the project inaugurated its time in Brighton with a conference, Spain, Europe, Latam… Joining The Dots, where Spain was proposed as a bridge between artists from Latin America and Europe, led by Tomas Crespo, Maxime Dodinet (Sony Music), Beatriz de la Guardia (Planet Events at Live Nation Spain), Jose Luis Seijas (Candela Records/Latino Life UK) and Red Sea (Boy sound). On the other hand, another of the events, among the many that took place, and that had the most successful attendance was the Meet The Spaniards, a conference that highlighted the talent and possibilities that Spain has as a country within the panorama.

On the other hand, several artists performed at the festival on the designated days, including the singer-songwriter Ona Mafalda, Eva Ruiz, Sila Lua, Mavic, Women, Sound Depression, The Gulps either Lala Hayden. Likewise, one of the surprises of the night was the performance of the Scottish band Slixwho are part of the Mad Cool Festival lineup, presented by The Spanish Wave.

On the other hand, before the success they had at the British festival, The Spanish Wave presented several artists at the festivals: Liverpool Sound City and Focus Wales to end their “UK Tour”. Without a doubt, The Spanish Wave has gained presence at these events, presenting a range of national talents, and in collaboration with AIE, Fundación SGAE, Instituto Cervantes, British Council, Live Nation España, Ticketmaster España, Radio 3, Mondo Sonoro, DIY, Sonido Muchacho, Altafonte, Houston Party, Sonidos Líquidos, Mallorca Live Festival, Mercury Wheels, Planet Events, Producciones Baltimore, Mad Cool Festival and VEVO.

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