First rehearsal for 'Zorra' by Nebulossa in Malmö

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Eurovision 2024 effect on the Spanish singles chart

Practically nothing moves in the Spanish top 10, which is still crowned by 'BadGyal', not the singer, but Saiko's hit with JC Reyes and Dei V. The strongest rise, 'Martini' also by Dei V, simply passes the 23rd place to 18th place, so the most newsworthy thing of the week is the Eurovision effect of the top 100. Up to 5 songs from the festival appear.

Nebulossa's 'Zorra' is a comeback. Despite its modest position in the final, 22nd, it is the song that we find highest on the Spanish list. She re-enters at number 19, after having been top 5 by winning the III Benidorm Fest. This is the 6th week that we find it in the top 100 and it has been certified as a gold record.

The week's strongest entry in the entire top 100 is the festival's winning song. 'The Code' by Nemo is number 40. Which means that, unlike what is happening in other countries, and even in Spotify Global, here we prefer the winning song of the contest to 'Europapa'.

'Europapa' by Joost, which could not participate in the final, as the Netherlands was eliminated in very murky conditions, appears in 60th place. A modest position compared to the international success of the song. The other Eurovision entries in the Spanish top 100 are 'La noia' by Angelina Mango, which went to Italy, and appears in the top 79; and 'Mon Amour' by Frenchman Slimane, in position 97. No trace of the 12 points that the Spanish televote gave to Israel.

Other non-Eurovision entries of the week in the official Promusicae top 100 have been 'Suano' by NTG and Amenazzy (53rd place), 'Comuna 3' by JC Reyes and The Rudeboyz (top 59) and the remix' of 'Arena and get out of Omar Montes, Anitta, Yanedl, Saiko and friends (75th place).

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