Etxekalte publica el EP “Inertziak Estali”

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Etxekalte publishes the EP “Inertziak Estali”

The Bermeo quartet (Bizkaia) Etxekalte releases two songs as an appetizer for his next album, which will be released in 2025.

Etxekalte presents us with an EP with two singles as a prelude to its new album that will be released in 2025. At the beginning of the year “Estali nituen” arrived, where the band continued entering the path of introspection through a more open and energetic sound. The song, recorded by Eñaut Gaztañaga at Gaztain Estudios, stands out for the forcefulness of its chorus and the constant changes of rhythm.

Now, with the single “Inertziak”, he moves away from that introspection, explores the resistance to change of last January, and fully embraces the dynamics of change in a second part of his musical exploration. The song was recorded and produced together with Santi García, at the Ultramarinos Costa Brava, achieving an elaborate, direct and authentic sound.

Etxekalte is a group founded in Bermeo in 2015 by Unai Irisarri and Iker Etxebarria, who were soon joined by Iñaki Olondo and Jon Andoni Juarez. Since its beginnings it has not stopped playing and searching for its sound. Their music, influenced by the styles of the 90s and the first decade of the 2000s (grunge, hardcore, post-hardcore, post-rock, melodic rock, alternative rock), is characterized by melodic voices, dirty guitars, and strong rhythms. . Furthermore, their music is linked to the band's values, the commitment to their land and culture, through constant references to the place they come from. They debuted with their first EP “Gure Hizkeran” (2019), later the split arrived with Habi “Arimak Denboran” (Elkar, 2020), and two years ago he published his first album, “Nor Da Norbera?” (Elkar, 2022), included among the best albums of the year by our Euskadi, Navarra and La Rioja (Zarata) edition.

Etxekalte continues giving concerts inside and outside Euskadi during the first half of the year, and then reduces activity and focuses on recording the new work. Their next concert dates are as follows:

Maiatzak 17 – Orozko Rock

Maiatzak 24 – Jaiak (Oñati)

Maiatzak 25 – Room Because (Castellón)

Ekainak 6 – Dabadaba (Donostia)

Ekainak 7 – Iparragirre (Gernika)

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