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Esoteric Grandioso S1

The ultimate icon of Japanese High End perfectionism adds a stereo power stage to its absolute reference range

Maximum exponent of the know-how of the legendary Japanese firm Esotericthe Serie Magnificent It fascinated the most demanding from the first moment as a result of the unique combination of constructive perfectionism, engineering innovation and technical sophistication of the models that constitute it. Now, the exclusive family composed of SACD transport mechanics Great P1the digital monophonic audio processor Great D1the Grandioso C1 line preamplifier and the monophonic power stage Great M1 has just been expanded with the incorporation of a stereo power amplifier based on the same philosophy: the Grandioso S1.

Equipped with aesthetics and construction quality identical to those of its range colleagues, the Great S1 is a spectacular monophonic power amplifier that, like the Great M1, has been designed following the precepts of Esoteric’s MasterSoundWorks concept to achieve music reproduction capable of competing with the best live performance and transmitting the essence of each recording intact. To do this, it uses rigorously selected very high-performance components, some of them truly unique due to their exclusivity and sophistication. This is the case of the imposing bipolar transistors with the capacity to deliver instantaneous current of 34 amperes (LAPT, “Linear Amplified Power Transistor” or Linear Amplified Power Transistor) and a gigantic (2,180 VA) custom-made toroidal power transformer accompanied by an imposing bank of capacitors (specifically 3 of 4,700 uF each per channel). A fully balanced circuit topology composed of separate modules for each channel (each consisting of five parallel push-pull blocks organized in a three-stage Darlington configuration), minimized signal paths and a current amplification stage equipped with its own power supply, allow the Great S1 deliver 150 continuous watts per channel into 8 ohms, 300 continuous watts per channel into 4 ohms, or 600 continuous watts per channel into 2 ohms. And this while preserving harmonic and dynamic gradations at all times and exhibiting an astonishing signal-to-noise ratio (115 dB).

Of the Grandioso S1 circuitry, it is also worth highlighting the use of a low impedance output stage with a high damping factor (1,000) and the presence of the exclusive LIDSC scheme (“Low Impedance Drive Stage Coupling” or Low Impedance Coupling for the Attack Stage), which guarantees the maximum possible amplitude within the margins allowed by the voltage coming from the power supply. To all that has been said, we must add a mechanical structure that, as in the fabulous digital system Great P1/D1, allows the different circuit subsystems to be effectively separated and thus suppress the potentially harmful effects of mechanical vibrations and electromagnetic interference. Designed and built without any limitations, the Grandioso M1 is, without a doubt, the most opulent and sophisticated stereo amplifier – regardless of the base devices used – ever created by Esoteric and a new reference within its category.

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