Esoteric Grandioso S-02

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Esoteric Grandioso S-02

Extreme technological refinement and musicality guaranteed by the legacy of the fabulous Grandioso Series

Designed based on the concepts and technological solutions developed during the development of the extraordinary power stages Great M1 and Great S1, S-02 is a new stage of stereophonic power created by the legendary Japanese firm Esoteric following the precepts of its philosophy “Master Sound Works” of the brand, which seeks to achieve a perfect reproduction of the original masters used by its record division for the conversion to SACD format of some of the most famous classical music titles of all time.

With an aesthetic in line with Esoteric’s usual canons of perfectionism and luxury, which highlights the massive use of very thick aluminum panels, Esoteric’s new solid-state stereo power stage was born with the aim of combining capacity delivery of power, timbral naturalness and dynamic realism regardless of which speakers are associated with it, while it has been specifically designed to complement perfectly with the preamplifier C-02X of the same brand. A completely dual monophonic circuit topology constitutes the starting point of an “engine” that allows the S-02 to exhibit technological superiority in parameters such as dynamics, distortion and resolution. Thus, like the Grandioso S1, it uses imposing bipolar transistors with very high current delivery capacity (LAPT, “Linear Amplified Power Transistor” or Linear Amplified Power Transistor).

And, in turn, it mounts a generous (940 VA) power transformer with grain-oriented plate core (EI), accompanied by an imposing bank of capacitors (specifically 3 of 4,700 uF each mounted in parallel for each channel) , which allow the dynamic demands of all types of loudspeakers to be satisfied. A fully balanced circuit topology composed of separate modules for each channel (each consisting of five parallel push-pull blocks organized in a three-stage Darlington configuration), minimized signal paths and a current amplification stage equipped with its own power supply, allow the S-02 to deliver 145 continuous watts per channel over 8 ohms, 290 continuous watts per channel over 4 ohms or 580 continuous watts per channel over 2 ohms, preserving at all times the harmonic and dynamic gradations and exhibiting a Exceptional signal-to-noise ratio (115 dB). Of the Grandioso S-02 circuitry, it is also worth highlighting the use of a low-impedance output stage with a high damping factor (1,000) and the presence of the exclusive LIDSC scheme (“Low Impedance Drive Stage Coupling” or Low Coupling). Impedance for the Attack Stage), which guarantees the maximum possible amplitude within the margins allowed by the voltage coming from the power supply. Regarding its physical construction, the S-02 combines a functional and distinguished aesthetic in equal parts with a dreamlike manufacturing that allows to reduce mutual interference between circuits and the influence of potential internal and external vibrations. All this is completed with rigorously selected components and top quality connectors (WBT).

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